Sustainable and effective operating environment for Almi

In March 2020 B3 was entrusted with the responsibility for Almi's entire IT environment and since then a close working relationship has developed in several areas. In 2022 migration to a private cloud in Azure was completed, which has brought a number of advantages. Above all, Almi has gained a more effective, sustainable and secure operating environment.

Almi offers financing, business development and risk capital to give small and medium-sized enterprises in Sweden the opportunity to grow and develop. As a creditor Almi needs an effective operating environment to ensure secure handling of commercial credit. Almi also has a major focus on sustainability, and by using the world’s most modern data centre halls in Sweden the company can reduce its climate footprint.

In 2022, under B3’s project leadership, Almi migrated to a private cloud in Sweden to utilise the flexibility of Microsoft’s cloud services without relinquishing control of the operating environment. The ability to scale up or down depending on operational needs and business requirements was an important parameter that led to the move. The flexible environment also facilitates changes and tests.

A team from B3 has supported Almi on its journey and in the work of using the right technology securely. The move started in the midst of the pandemic, so most of the work had to be directed remotely. With automatation and IaC (Infrastructure as Code) the focus was directed at creating value and opportunities together.

We have a very good working relationship with Almi, which is informed by attentiveness and transparency. At an early stage the focus moved from a client/supplier relationship to a single team committed to securing Almi’s capacity to deliver a world-class service. At the start of a project there are always gaps in information, but by working in an agile and close-knit team we have come through challenges along the way.


The gains from the move to a private cloud have been numerous. Above all, Almi has gained a more effective and sustainable IT environment, with full control of security. The option of up and down scaling as needed makes it possible to pay only for the capacity needed, providing major efficiency gains. And the ability to minimise the amount of energy also creates sustainability gains, which are reinforced through Almi’s use of the world’s most modern data centre halls in Sweden. Almi now has a modern operating environment to continue to contribute to sustainable growth in Sweden.

Per-Ola Löwing

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