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B3 supports CTEK in developing innovative charging boxes

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Demand for charging boxes has grown substantially in recent years, while the requirements for functionality and user-friendliness have increased. CTEK is a world-leading company in battery charging solutions that has invested heavily in research, development and delivery of various EV-related charging solutions in recent years. B3 contributes cutting-edge expertise in embedded development and supports CTEK in several areas, such as systems development, project management and test automation.

The need for powerful and easily accessible charging solutions increases as the number of electric cars increases. Today, modern charging boxes can communicate with the user through smartphone apps and web interfaces, which enables scheduled charging sessions, control of power consumption, load balancing, remote support and much more.

CTEK develops innovative battery management solutions and has a wide range adapted to different needs worldwide. B3 supports CTEK by developing the software for the company's charging boxes. The focus has so far been on data security, storage and network solutions, as well as test automation. The work is organised according to the SAFe framework and is mostly carried out remotely by an agile team consisting of software engineers with a varied background in embedded development.

We are very satisfied with the team from B3 who help us with key expertise in several deliveries.

Henrik Patzer, CTO CTEK


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