Senior IT and Management Consultants

B3IT was founded in 2003 with aspirations of becoming Sweden’s top IT-consulting firm. We have grown rapidly with a distinct focus on both senior consultants within IT and Management as well as focus on the most demanding clients on the market.

Development is a conscious choice for B3IT. Every consultant contributes with qualifications, experience, ambitions and networks. The larger number of talented consultants we have helps determine our potential for winning our clients confidence and meeting the demands that are set on us.

Experienced professionals
B3IT is focused on recruiting experienced professionals that typically have a minimum of 10 years of experience in their field of expertise. They generally have specialist expertise within technology or experience as line managers often in the cross section between IT and business operations.

Our consultants have the ability and drive to take on difficult tasks. We are problem-solvers, we are creative, form strategies and follow through with implementation. Based on our wide experience we contribute with methods, knowledge and execution to deliver the best results possible for our clients.

Building a great company
B3IT is equally committed to building a great company for its consultants as well as for its clients. The compensation we offer is the possibility for talented consultants to earn considerably. We also offer a great deal of individual freedom regarding working hours, task orientation and personal development within each consultant’s field of expertise. One of our main goals is to maintain a vibrant corporate culture that not only offers challenges, development and encouragement but also provides us with important social value.

If you are interested in learning more about how B3IT can help you and your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly present what we can offer.