Business Xperience

We work with models, processes and metrics, and with speeding up change work. This could involve data management, security and integrations.

Customer Xperience

A focus on customer insights, customer relations and relevance. This could involve reaching more customers, improving conversion rates, offering unique experiences and securing customer loyalty.

Employee Xperience

We are passionate about creating solutions that boost productivity through simplicity. This could involve automated services or communication and collaboration solutions.

Examples of client assignments


One of Sweden’s biggest bread distributors. Deliveries are carried out by 270 drivers with sales responsibility, who now have a mobile app that deals with everything from restocking bread on shelves to returns and picking lists. The platform is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which makes monitoring and invoicing easier.
We call this Business Xperience.

The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise

Representing almost 60,000 businesses throughout Sweden.
A new SharePoint intranet site combines traditional news and information services with a number of social features, creating brand new opportunities for digital collaboration.
We call this Employee Xperience.

Almega/The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries

Sweden’s biggest employer organisations wanted to develop a new project management tool, The focus is on simplicity, and employees have come to love document management and project management.
We call this Employee Xperience.

Nordic Cinema Group

Operates cinemas in Sweden (SF Bio), Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
A new version of one of Sweden’s most visited websites – – has recently been launched.
The new site has been based on customer suggestions and user behaviour, and works equally well on desktops, mobiles and tablets. Another eagerly awaited new feature is digital cinema tickets.
B3 developed the new platform, which is based on Microsoft Azure and EPiServer DXC.
We call this Customer Xperience.

We chose B3 because we wanted to work with senior, highly competent consultants who understand our systems, and because of their excellent delivery and management model.

Tova Forsslund, CIO at SF Bio


Strong partner relationships

B3 works in partnership with some of the industry’s most important platform and technology suppliers.

Experienced consultants

At Digital Xperience we specialise in delivering digital experiences and solutions, and our experienced consultants do not make rookie errors. They think and act the right way, and take the shortest path from analysis to implementation and commissioning – with a focus on the business throughout.

Naturally, we work with future-proof, cloud-based solutions and platforms. Our employees have documented knowledge of technology, control, strategy and design. Depending on the assignment, we also provide cutting-edge expertise within user-focused services, the digital economy, the sharing economy, IoT, big data, wearables and much more.

Jonas Elgquist


Jonas Elgquist

CEO Rebel & Bird

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Maria Beronius

Maria Beronius

Affärsutvecklingschef B3 Consulting Group

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